[break]     It was December 13, 1913 that the State of Oklahoma issued a certificate of incorporation for a community bank in the town of Spencer, which would first open for business on January 1, 1914. Mr. E.S. Poole was one of the original investors of Spencer State Bank which was located on Main Street in Downtown Spencer. The building was originally a two-story brick structure, with a funeral parlor run by the Beveridge family occupying the top floor, and a drug store and post office operating in the back portion of the building. It was at that time that Ed Poole embarked on a mission to provide friendly, safe and secure banking services for his community.

Advantage Bank is the oldest privately-held bank in Eastern Oklahoma County. A remnant of times past can be found in the form of a historic safe located in the lobby of the Spencer branch of Advantage Bank.  The upper floor of the old Spencer State Bank building saw a variety of uses, including as a telephone switching station and even a dance hall, before it was removed from the building altogether sometime in the mid-century. While there are a few historic photographs on display in the lobby, many more photos of the bank’s part in local history can be found at the Spencer Museum at 8622 NE 50th Street. The Spencer Museum houses memorabilia from the town’s earliest days as a part of Crutcho Township, when the Canadian River Water Power Company (a grain elevator and dam on the North Canadian River near NE 50th and Spencer Road) used to mark the point where cotton was ginned, grain was milled and fruit from area orchards was packed and moved to the Public Market in Oklahoma City on river barges. The river was regularly used for transportation until the flood of 1923.

The bank has remained family owned since its beginning. In 1956 Melvin and Helen Rogers moved to Spencer to work at the bank. Helen Rogers was the daughter of Ed Poole and his wife, Ruth. Melvin was an educator and local statesman, and served on the Oklahoma City Board of Education for several years.  Rogers Middle School in Spencer was named for him. Eventually Melvin served as president of the bank until his death in 1973, at which time Donald Rogers, Melvin and Helen’s son, began serving as president of the bank. Randy Smith started working at the bank in 1974 and became president of Spencer State Bank in 1991. Randy is married to Donna Ruth Smith [nee Rogers], daughter of Melvin and Helen Rogers.

The bank was moved to a new building at NE 23rd & Midwest Boulevard in 1997, and renamed Advantage Bank in 2002. The Midwest City location near SE 15th & Post Road was opened in 2003.

We feel so fortunate to have had the trust of our customers for over 100 years, and look forward to continuing our relationship with you for many years to come.