Customers have recently informed us that they are receiving e-mails claiming to be from a financial institution. The sender wants the customer, some who don’t even have an account with that institution, to go to a website and submit information such as account numbers, social security numbers, PIN numbers, or other confidential information. Some e-mail senders even threaten to close the account if the information is not provided within a certain amount of time. These are fraudulent e-mails that are trying to gain your financial information. At times, even visiting the link provided in the e-mail can allow certain software to be installed on your computer without your knowledge. This software then tries to search your computer for information.

Please know that Advantage Bank will NEVER e-mail you to ask for “updated information” or confidential information. If you feel that you have received an e-mail from us that is fraudulent, or if you are our customer that has received an e-mail from another institution requesting personal information, please forward these e-mails to the address listed below. We will then attempt to contact the proper institution and report the attempted scam.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

You can report suspected fraudulent e-mails to: [email protected]